RRC v 3.3 Trial off Trubaduren, Göteborg


Trial in 19 m/s southerly winds and a significant wave hight (SWAN model) 2,7 m, approximated to max 4 m on the scene.

In the to full turns that the Jutlandica made she flattened the sea considerably as expected, and working inside the circle felt very safe. The davit would not give out sufficiently of the wire which made the cradle fly out of the water with every residual swell and every roll of the Jutlandica, but even so, the launching and recovering of the Rescuerunner was totally undramatic. Note how the Rescuerunner just slips back out when not fully entered as the cradle got airborne.


2010-09-14; © Photos and video Fredrik Falkman, Mikael Hinnerson, Jörgen Lorén, Martin Sande


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