The "Full Turn" method explored in Thesis project


Johan Bonander, Andreas Hultin, Henning Käck-Sandgren are fourth year students at the Maritime Officer Training Program at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, who in co-operation with SSRS are doing a thesis project dealing with wave reduction in rescue situations. The report will take a deeper look at the “full turn” method tried out by SSRS and capt. Jörgen Lorén of Stena Line.

The scope of the work is to support further development of the method. This will be done by assessing the method with focus on maneuvering patterns and risks. The work will discuss whether or not certain ship types are suitable for the maneuver, and how they can be handled in a safe and efficient way. Hopefully the work will also find out what fields of research that needs to be taken into further consideration when studying the method in the future.



2010-11-25; © Photos Fredrik Falkman


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