25 pax raft recovered in 20 m/s winds


After weeks of mostly high pressure weather we had a night and morning of fresh south westerly wind, 20 m/s, force 8, waves of up to 4 m and about zero degrees celsius - a good opportunity to try recovering a life raft from the Jutlandica before the sea freezes over. The initial plan was to take the lifting line to the raft with a Rescuerunner, but after a winch malfunction on the makeshift test crane, we had to tow the raft to the crane. The raft that was stripped of sea anchors from a previous test had some trouble staying on an even keel but we eventually managed to connect and lift the raft.

The Rescue Helicopter that had promised to film the event was unfortunately unable to fly due to freezing rain and low ceilings.

We also had the opportunity to test a wave buoy. Please go here for more on that!


2010-12-16; © Photos Fredrik Falkman, Jens Samuelsson, Mikael Hinnerson, Jörgen Lorén


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