Drive-thru Cradle tests and training with TESO, Holland


During the design of the new ferry for the Den Helder-Texel route, Dutch ferry company TESO asked us for input for a safer and better man-overboard-boat and launch and recovery system. The company has had issues with their SOLAS-typ Rescue Boat, and since the route is domestic and the ferry is not bound by SOLAS regulations, they are free to explore other solutions.

The company sent a delegation to us for training earlier in the spring. In July we had the opportunity to do training with most of the TESO crew on the local fishing vessel TX63. We were also able to conduct tests with the cradle onboard TESO:s current ferry, Dokter Wagemaker, during regular sailing.


2013-07-04; © SSRS


In this video, courtesy of the TESO crew, you can see how (≈30 seconds in) the Rescuerunner seems to get stuck in the cradle. We are not sure exactly what happened, but our theory is that the relatively high speed was to blame. The ferry was making 9-10 knots, compared to our usual 4-6 knots, and we believe that the Rescuerunner was jammed into the aft of the cradle when settling with enough force to temporarily deform the boat to the point where it got stuck between the cradle tubes. The high speed also meant that the Rescuerunner had less reserve power to get free. We will investigate!




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